The film “13 Square Meters” weaves a tapestry of contemporary topics that deal with the ideas of displacement, space, and architecture while opening up the discussion on the similarities and differences between refugees’ shelter design and the production of modernist mass housing in cities.

Directors Biographies – Kamil Bembnista

Kamil Bembnista, born in 1987 in Poland, grew up in Hamburg, based in Berlin.

He holds a master degree in sociology and, besides filmmaking, he works as an sociologist.

In 2018 he took part in the DOK PRO directing program for documentary filmmakers in the WAJDA SCHOOL & Studio in Warsaw.

His short films Djibril (2016) and Three Days in Berlin (2018) where screened at several film festivals around the world.

Directors Biographies – Ayham Dalal

Ayham Dalal is an architect, researcher and independent consultant.

He studied architecture in Syria, and did his double master degree in Integrated Planning at Stuttgart University and Ain Shams University (Cairo).

He taught at the German University of Technology in Oman, and has been engaged with several initiatives and workshops related to refugees and Syria.

Currently he is doing his PhD studies at the Technical University of Berlin, at the Habitat Unit.