The screenings that started on Monday, October 4, 2021 ended on Friday, October 8, 2021.

In the festival held online due to the pandemic, including 28 documentaries and 10 animations 38 films met with the audience.

We would like to thank all directors, producers and film crews who contributed to our festival with their participation.

The awards from the films featured in the festival are as follows:

A Special Jury Prize in the Memory of Sami Yılmaztürk  (The National Category)

Film: Kauai (animation)
Director: Aysun Karaosman
Origin: Turkey

Films awarded in the documentary category:

1st prize:
Film: Among the Remains
Directors: Juan Barreda Ruiz & Ana Mary Ramos
Origin: Mexico

2nd prize:
Film: An Other City
Director: Rasmus Waern
Origin: Sweden

3rd prize:
Film: 13 Square Meters
Directors: Kamil Bembnista & Ayham Dalal
Origin: Germany

Films awarded in the category of animation:

1st prize:
Film: Iizuna Fair
Director: Sumito Sakakibara
Origin: Japan

2nd prize:
Film: Aurora – The Street that wanted to be a river
Director: Radhi Meron
Origin: Brazil

3rd prize – Sharing:
Film: Scream for Ice
Director: Emir Aytemür
Origin: Turkey

3rd prize – Sharing:
Film: The Last
Director: Orhan Umut Gökçek
Origin: Turkey


Festival Film Screenings Calendar

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5003 films from 90 countries were applied to our festival in 14 years. As a result of the jury's evaluation, 508 films of 661 directors in the Documentary and Animation categories were found worthy of screening within the scope of our festival, and a total of 77 films were awarded.

Within the scope of our festival, 50 films were screened privately and presented to the audience.

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An excellent festival. When I was in the military, I learned that I received the Sami Yılmaztürk Special Jury Award. Despite this, the communication and smooth progress they have established with my teammates is admirable. I hope we will meet again in a tomorrow away from the pandemic, at a festival where everyone is involved. See you again with my new project 🙂
Furkan Karabay - Dırector
A very lovely festival! Thank you for giving me the possibility to come to Istanbul, to be part of the festival and for the beautiful award i got! Many thanks also to all the wonderful people involved in the festival. It was amazing!
Marına Schnıder - Dırector
This is the premier international festival for architectural films run by a great team of people who are excellent communicators all through the process. We're delighted to have been part of the festival.
Paddy Cahıll - Dırector
A great festival, great communication! Thanks a lot for showing Stalking Chernobyl - Exploration After Apocalypse!
Iara Lee - Dırector
This is a really great festival. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-situation, the festival took place online this year; however, the high quality of the festival, the films, the discussions and the work of the jury could clearly be sensed, and throughout the process, communications were swift and very friendly. I can really recommend the festival.
Hans Chrıstıan Post - Dırector
Being part of the XII edition of Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Films Festival with my documentary ``Walking on water`` has been such an honor and a pleasure! I'm looking forward to have my next film ready to apply again!
Gıanmarco D'Agostıno - Dırector