Against the ongoing privatization and motorization of Flanders, the movie questions what motivated people to collaborate and realize a series of architectural interventions on a former railway embankment.

Directors Biographies – Andrés Lübbert & Sofia Saavedra Bruno

Andrés Lübbert his documentaries participated in more than 180 international film festivals in 20 countries, and won 29 prizes. Andrés tells stories about his intercultural environment about migration, human rights and social issues. He made several documentaries about the Chilean post-memory.

Sofia Saavedra Bruno PhD, MArch, M.Civil Eng-Arch . Active internationally in architecture and urbanism, Saavedra has been combining design practices and co-creative (research) processes for more than 20 years in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Doing so, she continuously is exploring the margins of own disciplinary protocols in which it is not the world of architecture, but the architecture of the world that stays central.