Does choice exist?

Is free will real?

Habitus of Self is produced based on Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of “habitus”.

The film is an assemblage that embodies the domination of family institution, control society, consumerism, capitalism, post-colonialism, etc. over the unconscious, the conscious and the superconscious through collective memory images (space-phenomenon-event-institution-individual).

Director Biography – Kurtuluş Özgen

Kurtuluş Özgen had worked in numerous documentary and industrial film projects as editor, cameraman and filmmaler.

In 1995, he cofounded Nöbetçi Ajans (with Hasan Özgen) which is based in Istanbul and directed-produced several documentaries and cultural projects.

His films have been screened in more than 50 film festivals and have won 14 awards.

His photography and video works have been selected for several art exhibitions.

Özgen received his bachelor’s degree in Cinema, his graduate degree in Painting (2012) and Proficiency in Arts degree in New Media (2017).

He also studied contemporary art history and video art.

His academic focus is on documentary film studies, cinematography, video art and digital arts.

He continues to be an associate professor at AHBV University Fine Arts Faculty, Department of Photography and Video.