Copenhagen is an exemplary city. Exemplary in its successes. But also in the downsides that are starting to show.

From a city which was in the early 1990s on the brink of bankruptcy, it has with neoliberal means undergone a tremendous transformation and is today coined as one of the best and most livable cities in the world.

But the gains are increasingly outnumbered by noticeable losses. Today, social and economic divides between the haves and the have nots haunt both city and countryside, and more and more people are starting to ask whether the run-down city of the past was actually preferable.

Yönetmen Biyografisi – Hans Christian Post

Hans Christian Post (*1971) has since 2014 worked as a film maker.

He holds a master’s degree and PhD in Modern Culture from the University of Copenhagen, and lives in Berlin and Copenhagen.