Dystopia documents the urban transformations that have been mutilating the city of Porto since 2007: in Bacelo, the gypsy camp is replaced by a hostel and a marina, both luxury; in Alexio, the towers intended for affordable housing are demolished on the pretext of sanitizing a bastion of drug trafficking and the devastated neighborhood is now ready to host pharaonic architectural projects; in Fontainhas, the Vandoma Fair installed there for decades and frequented by vendors and buyers of low economic power, is driven out to the periphery.

Director Biography – Tiago Afonso

Tiago Afonso studied video, cinema, documentary, photography and contemporary art.

He worked as a university professor for seven years and programmed cinema at Serralves Foundation and Doclisboa (co-director in 2015), in Porto/Post/Doc. He has oriented and participated as a trainer in more than two dozen trainings for children, youth and adults. He has worked in the team of directors such as Edgar Pêra, Paulo Rocha, Rodrigo Areias, Paulo Abreu, Amarante Abramovici, Saguenail, Sério Fernandes among others.