Since the 1950s, when the talk about the Ilısu Dam, which was built on the Tigris River, began, the dam was built despite numerous actions and activities to cancel its construction. All the experiences, historical and cultural values and many endemic features of tens of villages and a district on the dam’s impact area have been submerged. We feel the pain of sacrificing a twelve thousand-year-old civilization that is easy on the tongue to modernity.

Hasankeyf and its environment scream to the sky like : Everyone is buried in the ground but I am into the water.

Director – Fettullah Çelik

My name is Fettullah Celik, I was born on 10 th of January in 1974 in Yalaza village of Lice district in Diyarbakir province. I completed my primary school in the village then we moved to the center of Diyarbakir and, I completed my secondary and high school there. I am working as a of school bus company manager and founder since 2000 year. I am fond of taking qualified videos and photos as a documentary since 2013.