Floating City is a 3D animation inspired by the tense and busy life in Hong Kong. The animated film refers to daily life in Hong Kong. The servility of Hong Kong people is too heavy.

It expresses the irony and anxiety of Hong Kong people, forming a rapidly developing urban landscape. Nowadays, people become indifferent and tense all the time. They put time on their job first and work like slaves. People are as busy as bees, paying monthly mortgages for their properties and everyday items.

Director Biography – Chit Ng

Ng Chit (Alice) is an animator and educator from Hong Kong. Graduated from Hong Kong Metropolitan University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) degree in Animation and Visual Effects in 2020.

She completed the Master of Arts in Creative Media (MFACM) programme at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2022. Ng Chit usually reflects her daily observation of the city with animation.