Image Caption, takes us on top of Helin Apartment – a tall building overlooking Diyarbakır Fortress and the surrounding neighborhoods, which are either  demolished, reconstructed, or waiting to be demolished any moment now.The disembodied voice-over initially endeavors to rule over images but then slowly surrenders to them.

As the voice starts to engage with the images, it slowly finds its body and place in the film’s world.

Director Biography – Aylin Kızıl

Aylin Kızıl was born in 1988 in Diyarbakır. She graduated from Eskişehir Anadolu University Faculty of Pharmacy.

She joined Nar Photos Agency in 2012. She pursues documentary photography and video, and focuses on subjects of urban transformation, identity, gender, and migration.

She is the co-director of two short documentaries: Miraz (2017) with Serdar Bayram and Lezgin Kani; and A Tribune Story (2020) with Fatma Çelik.