For the past decade, the Cuban government and a Chinese company have been preparing a tourist project in Havana linked to golf. The work won’t begin until the State relocates the 38 families living on the site. Lacking official information, the neighborhood lives between rumors and waiting. Silently but steadily, other tourist constructions are flooding the island…

Director – Karel Ducasse Manzano

Director – producer – cinematographer:

Karel Ducasse Manzano, Cuba, 1979.  Documentary and cartoon director, producer, writter and photographer. He worked ten years for Cuban Television. Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication, Superior Institute of Art. Degree in International Filming Workshop, New York Film Academy (NYFA, 2015). Special Prize of the Documentary Jury at the VI International Film Festival of Gibara; winner of the scholarship “Context in culture” thanks to his documentary “Habana paisaje circular” (“Havana, circular landscape”), winner of the GoCuba-World cinema Amsterdam Fund, thanks to his documentaries “Futuro paraíso” (“Future paradise”) and “Persona con persona” (Persona with persona). His documentary “Zona de silencio” (“Zone of silence”) has been distributed by Icarus films and Americas Media Initiative. Assistant Coordinator for the Movie Fund “Caribbean talents incubator, Havana workshop”, 2019. Member of the Union of Cuban Writers and artists, and Audiovisual Cuban Association.