A few years ago, a group of Danish archaeologists came to Iran to work with their Iranian colleagues for the first time in one of the most famous and important “prehistoric” sites in the Middle East called “Ganj Dareh” Exploration of one of the oldest agricultural origins.

In the documentary “Ganj Dareh” we portray international archaeological collaborations to discover and understand the secrets and mysteries of this key event in the history of human life.

Director Biography – Keyvan Tabatabaie Samimi

Keyvan Tabatabaie Samimi was born in 1973 in Tehran.

He studied dramatic literature and cinema studies at the University of Tehran and then went to Germany to continue his studies in cinema studies.

His great interest in archeology and cultural heritage of Iran caused him to specialize in making archeological documents.

Ganj Darreh is his latest work in collaboration with the Center for the Development of Documentary and Experimental Cinema. He is member of the Association of Documentary Film Directors.