The Chagres will be the common setting for the meeting of testimonies that, although situated in the present, are the result of past socio-political events.

This is a physical search for the lost towns that once existed on the edge of the Chagres. These were once thriving towns; they were the center of the economic and cultural progress of a country in full development.

The experiences of the former inhabitants, the current ones and even those of the director himself, share a special connection set by the sound of the water and illustrated by the unique landscapes of the Chagres River.

Director Biography – Omar Calvo

Panamanian producer and director, graduated from ESCAC (Barcelona).

Winner of the National Fund for the development of a fiction project in 2021. He directs and produces “Memories from Chagres”, a project selected at the “San Diego Latino Film Fest”.  In 2022 he begins to develop “Life’s Melody”.
Project invited to ‘Residence of the 11th International Documentary Festival of Panama’, and more recently; the ‘DOCMONDE Professionals Meeting’ (part of FIFAC).