An old neighborhood in Santiago faces the inevitable advance of the real estate industry.

The last neighbors, accustomed to living between one-story houses and narrow streets, have lost the privacy, sunlight and tranquility of a place conceived on a human scale.

Despite living among giants, the ties and the memory built over decades still persist.

Director Biography – Alvaro Rivera Huamanga

Álvaro Rivera (33) is a public administrator from the University of Santiago, Master in Urban Planning from the University of Chile and Master in documentary film from the same university.

His areas of interest are related to the study and observation of communities, urban conflicts and phenomena linked to space and territory.

His first short film, 27 floors (to live and invest), won in 2018 the national and international competition of the 4th version of the ArqFilmFest in the short film category, and has been selected in national and international film festivals with an emphasis on urban issues, social and visual ethnography.