Mountain Spirit follows Kuei-Chih Lee, a Taiwanese Environmental artist, as he creates his

latest work on Maokong Mountain overlooking the city of Taipei. Supported by fellow artists, including his wife, artist Lua Rivera, Kuei-Chih bridges the gap between human and nature through art. His environmental sculptures present a path from the material world to the invisible, offering a meditative experience that reconnects people with the natural environment. The film is

an invitation to explore the works of Kuei-Chih Lee, his thinking and his process, and an inspiration to reflect on the link between sky, earth, and people.

Director – Aaron Brookner

Aaron Brookner is an award-winning director, writer, producer born in New York City and based in London. His films have been shown in over 70 international festivals including Sundance, Berlin, San Sebastian, NYFF, and Venice.