‘Native Place’ is a film about movement and economic competition, told through the stories of those who have come to Delhi to earn. From day laborers to a stock broker, these characters are all compelled by the push and pull of the need to make a living. By following some of these individuals back to their hometowns, ‘Native Place’ reveals the deepest disjunctures of capitalism, in which even apparently settled workers feel mentally and physically divided between the lives they lead and the lives they wish to lead. ‘Native Place’ presents migration as less of a choice and more of a necessity, a question that is answered not by a decision to either go or not go, but rather where and for how long.

The documentary has an accompanying oral history collection that can be found at: www.delhimigration.com

Director – Andrew Francisco

Andrew Francisco is a filmmaker from America whose work is widely shown at venues around the world. He has a storytelling compulsion and is a lifelong student of language and languages. In addition to numerous documentaries, he has also conceived and created the touring video installation “You Can’t Always Get What They Want You to Want.” He has recently been completing a 10-year portrait of an intentional community in China, “Fallow Land Bears Sweet Fruit,” which will be available in 2024.