Onsan is located south of Ulsan metropolitan city.

The landscapes of Onsan National Industrial Complex and surrounding villages are oddly in a tangle. Even now the post-industrialization era, the life of the residents hold disorderly embodied evidence of immense personal changes and traumas as their hometowns have disappeared in the times of state-dominated industrialization.

Here are the memories and the present of these small townspeople who are only occasionally remembered as ‘Onsan-byeong’, the first publicly documented pollution-related disease in Korea.

Director Biography – Jisu Klaire Yoo

YOO conducts media research and creative works based on documentaries. She continues her media work through a wide spectrum of projects, from film editing and documentary directing to research-based installation works.

Several of her film projects, including “Daughters of the Cloth” (2000/director), “Los Angeles Plays Itself” (2003/editor), “Great Contract: Paju, Book, City” (2021/editor), and more, have been shown at the festivals worldwide, such as Vancouver Int’l Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Rotterdam Int’l Film Festival, Jeonju Int’l Film Festival, etc. YOO teaches film production at Yong In University in Korea.