Two local street artists try to give their hometown, the city of Heerlen, a new image with the public art they create. However, their city seems to be literally colored by famous international artists. Whereas the local artists, Dave and Wesley, intertwine the city’s past and present in their murals, the municipality mainly sees the benefit in putting Heerlen on the international map as ‘Street Art Capital’ to revive the city from its decayed past. To what extent can the image of a city transform from bottom-up or are outside influences necessary? And are the murals really a solution to the identity crisis of this city?

Director – Tamino Parren

Tamino Parren studied Audiovisual Design at the Graphic Lyceum in Utrecht,  The Netherlands. During this study he developed a fascination for making documentaries.  He then attended the Academy of Fine Arts and Design St. Joost in Breda and graduated in 2013 as a documentary filmmaker. After graduating, he followed the semi-annual Docwerk trajectory at Dutch television company Omroep Brabant/NPO2 Extra, where he developed film portraits of artists in The Netherlands. Since then, he has combined his work as a director and as a camera operator for documentaries. In 2017, along with filmmaker Loes Janssen, they founded Vis Film. Withing this company they create (short) documentaries for various television broadcasters and non-profit organizations within the art and cultural sector.  Parren lives and works in the city of Breda, The Netherlands.