Constructed between 1930-1940, “Jukuiju Mansion”, is a Minnan-style 3-section compound.

Located at the center is a 2-story western mansion surrounded by traditional Chinese buildings on the left and right.

“Jukuiju Mansion” is a fusion of traditional Taiwanese architectural forms and western architectural styles.

The exquisite and varied construction methods is rarely seen in today’s preserved traditional homes.

It not only witnessed the Chen family’s prosperity in Wuri, it is also a reflection of the relationships between architecture, nature, and cultural environments.

Director Biography – Lin, Huan-Wen

In my career, I got to know image creation through serendipity.

In this field, I am always passionate, full of energy of filming, and sincere in kindly interaction between people.

I explore the diverse cultures and living images hidden in different corners of this island by making documentaries.

I want to share the extraordinary life values of the grassroots with their stories.