A personal urban culture documentary; Things I Couldn’t Pass Without Looking
Writer and director Barış Yücedağ embarks on a pleasant journey in Kalamış by including the audience in the stream of consciousness. In the 20-minute mini- documentary which presents a subjective narrative about historical figures and urban culture inspired by the statues in Kadıköy, Barış Yücedağ is accompanied by master names of Turkish cinema and theater such as Erkan Can, Şevket Çoruh and Laçin Ceylan.

Director – Barış Yücedağ

He received education from Kocaeli University Faculty of Fine Arts, Dramatic Writing. He has been writing and directing theater plays since 2013. He received the Author of the Year award and was nominated by various magazines and organizations. He wrote for various advertising agencies and directed several commercials. Since 2020, he has been writing, directing, and acting in short films.