Eterotopia is a research project that works on the Italian territory to create occasions of debate between architecture, art, politics, society and landscape.

A meeting place for skills and intentionalities, which conjugate research and territorial policy.

The documentary, narrates a territorial research laboratory held in La Maddalena in 2018, coordinated by the group of architects Eterotopia.

The military outposts, the case of the failed G8, the NATO occupation, the wealth of natural beauty are some of the stories that have been investigated during ten days of experimentation, by means of tales and architectures, maps and invisible patterns, round tables and visionary images.

Against the backdrop there is the heterotopia, a terrain for diversity and new connections between the disciplines, between near and far places, between territorial theory and practice.

Director Biography – Ivo Pisanti

The film is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Eterotopia, a collective of Italian architects, and Ivo Pisanti, an Italian videomaker.

Eterotopia is a territorial research and practice collective founded in 2017 that investigates contemporaneity and its complexity through the design of devices that enhance the imaginative dimension of certain places.

Ivo Pisanti, born in Caserta in 1988, is a director, filmmaker and visual designer, lives and works in Bologna. Graduated at IUAV university of Venice in Visual Communication Design and Multimedia in 2014, his work ranges between different media.