The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is an NGO working on adapting the world to a changing climate. When looking for a place for their headquarters, the city of Rotterdam proposed to donate them a building that will float with the rising sea levels.

The documentary film takes the viewers on a journey through the minds of all the people that gave life to this project: politicians, designers and builders. Why would you build a floating building in the middle of the city and what does it have to do with climate politics? The film contains the answers to these questions, gives a sneak view into the board rooms of GCA and holds a place for the legendary mayor of Rotterdam: Ahmed Aboutaleb.

Director – Onur Can Tepe

Onur Can Tepe is a writer, filmmaker, and architect based in Rotterdam.

His work as an architect designing spaces has expanded into writing and filming where space plays an important role. His films deal with societal matters in relation to natural and built landscapes and they are shown at various film festivals, museums and Biennales. His latest film House of Adaptation narrates the story of an NGO working on climate adaptation moving to Rotterdam and is currently in distribution.